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Monday, May 2, 2011

well hey! my first real blog post on this blog! the last three days have been wonderful. i worked every day for the last two weeks, so i finally got a nice (and deserved) 4-day break.

friday i took the opportunity to sleep in, and boy did i. made up for every 7:30 am alarm clock in the last month! around 12:30 i pulled myself out of bed, made some coffee, and cleaned up my room a bit.
i headed out around 2 for an relaxing afternoon of driving with the windows down (to this playlist), errands, thrifting, taking myself out for coffee, and just generally much-needed alone time.  while thrifting i picked up a few good things!

this dress was half off (everything i bought, was!), making it $4.50. now i just need a place to wear it!

the shorts are classic mom shorts from the 90's, $1.50! so excited to put these to use.

and yes, i know it's almost summer, but i can't resist a floral print sweater that's less than $2, okay!?

i got home, putzed around a bit, and took some self portraits:

then i met up with my best friend amanda for a girly date night! it's sort of becoming a tradition. we went to california pizza kitchen last weekend, but this night we went to BJ's brewery! it was delish - we split a small deep-dish artichoke/roasted pepper/cheese pizza with a side italian market salad (complete with feta cheese, garbanzo beans, artichoke hearts, and crispy iceberg & romaine lettuce!)

after dinner we grabbed a movie from red box and got accosted by a homeless man, no skin off our backs, yo. we changed into our pj's and sat down to enjoy a night in, full of leftover easter chocolate & easy a. love emma stone! 

saturday i met up with my girl madeline for some shopping (retail therapy, hello) and lunch! i always have fun when i'm with her, friends that you can laugh with are the best. i grabbed some amazing things at my favorite - forever21. 

i saw this dress on the hanger and thought - pair this with some classic white keds and you're set! so glad it fit. and for $22.80? i couldn't say no ;)

around summer time, i'm always looking for new skirts to add to my wardrobe. i'm not much of a shorts person, and i love dresses, but i need something to wear with my blouses! this multi-colored patterned high-waisted skirt is elastic and only ran me $11.80 :) oh, and it has pockets!

now this photo doesn't do this skirt justice... it's my favorite out of my purchases. i LOVE this color and i don't own hardly any of it, so i was STOKED when it fit perfectly. i'll do an outfit post on this one very soon! $14.80. can't beat f21's prices.

i also picked up a little travel make-up brush set while i was in line (that's where they get ya) but it was only $7 and i've been talking about needing new brushes anyway!

driving home, i decided to take coast highway instead of the boring old freeway. it was SUCH a beautiful day that i rolled down my windows and let the sunshine and salt water waft in.

madeline was kind enough to let me borrow her 50mm f/1.8 lens to test out on my new (old) canon eos rebel xsi, so i took my sister down to the beach to try it out! i'm so happy with the results:

saturday evening closed with some always fabulous chipotle, iced tea, and good music.

sunday i had a photoshoot with mia! mia is one of my closest and oldest friends, and my original model. before she had an agent, before i even had a dslr. we made magic even then, but that's not to say we haven't come a long way, as individuals and as a team!

we met for hair, make-up, and wardrobe consulting around 1 pm, and departed for the flower fields in carlsbad, ca around 3:30. with a small detour to the outlet mall to pick up new jeans for mia, we ended up shooting from around 4:45 until the light went down at 7:30! i have only just base-level edited, but here are a few previews from the shoot:

lucky for us when we got kicked out of the flower fields at 6:30, the beach was just a short drive away

talk about cramming a life into my 3 days off! i have today off of work as well, and i'll probably spend the rest of the day editing photos and drinking lots of coffee (but what's new?).

oh, and if you read all of that, thank you ♥ (and welcome along for the journey)

xoxo maryclaire

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