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Friday, July 22, 2011

up north

last weekend two girlfriends and i drove 8 hours to the sacramento area and stayed with another lovely friend of ours & her hubby for 2 days and 3 nights. we took photos and ate amazing (home cooked) meals and had girl time (while the mr. was at work of course) and it was just an all around relaxing, theraputic, much needed weekend. i just wanted to share a few photos from the trip with you all xx

the following are all medium format, shot on ektar 120 film in a seagull tlr.

Potentially my favorite shot of them all - N'tima is a perfect model! 

the next batch were shot on various brands of 35mm film inside a canon ae-1

breakfast <3

Photo taken by Madeline

(the next one is digital :O)

and finally the rest are instax 210 wides and polaroid 669's!

the collection of our cameras! excluding my digital camera and the instax i took it with

the four ladies, taken graciously by Mr. Preusser

Marielle has a bad habit of blinking...ON THE NUMBER THREE. (<3)

Normally I'd do an in-depth recap of the trip, but Madeline has already done an amazing job of that right over here! Go read it, seriously. XO!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

an update and some good news!

Hello all! I'm writing from my best friend-slash-business manager Amanda's couch at 10:40 pm on Wednesday July 13th because I have good news! After months of "meaning to get to it,"I finally set up my own personal photography website!
It's still very basic and simple, but it gets the job done.
Go to and check it out! 

Amanda and I just designed and ordered business cards this evening as well, things are starting to fall into place and I am so happy :) Amanda is such an amazing administrative director!

Last weekend was one of the best I've had in awhile! I was off work, and got to spend time seeing friends, relaxing, and doing a little bit of everything that needed to be done. Saturday afternoon, I lounged by the pool with Amanda, and got some sun. Then we went to the thrift store, where I bought an amazing purple skirt for only $4! Following dinner at Corner Bakery, Manda and I stopped at a favorite quick photo spot to take some photos in the skirt. 

On Sunday, I drove up to Los Angeles with Kourtney and Amanda to meet up with some lovely lady friends for shopping, fine dining, and photo adventures.

Chrissie White, Instax 210 in Los Angeles, CA.

Kourtney, Instax 210

Amanda, 35mm film

Amanda snapped this shot of me in LA! See her flickr for more gorgeous film photos.

On Monday evening, I picked Mia up at the train station, and we had a quick little photoshoot in the area.

I am so in love with the Polaroids!  I always adore working with Mia. She is one of my best friends, and she is such a skilled model! I feel the most at ease shooting her, for sure.

Tomorrow I work from 8:30-2:30, and then I'll go home to pack for Friday's road trip and the promising weekend with three of my favorite girls (and one spiffy man)! I'm going up to see the Harry Potter premier with Madeline tomorrow night, and then we leave bright and early friday morning. I cannot wait!

Have a joyous rest of your week, my dear friends.
Mary Claire