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Thursday, August 25, 2011

day off: gone shopping

shirt: f21;  skirt: vintage - thrifted; shoes: urban outfitters; leather bag: vintage.  
nails: essie's "cute as a button" and ring: vintage inherited amethyst from my aunt with the same name

I spent my day off sleeping in, painting my nails, drinking coffee, and thrifting! I hit up two local Salvation Army's and a Buffalo Exchange (higher-end clothing, second-hand). My finds:

100% silk tank (that's more of a crop on me) $2

gold sequin top - $3.50

final touch midi skirt from buffalo exchange - $12.75

blouse - $4, shorts $2

shorts - $2.99

I also picked up a 36point5 maxi dress for $25.50 at BE (splurge of the day, but it's in perfect condition and I love it) and a camera, which I'll elaborate on later.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

what i'm loving lately - august 2011

hi all! i've gotten a few requests to do another "what i'm loving lately" post, so i thought i'd share with you a few of the things getting some extra love from yours truly in the last couple of months.

gadgets & toys

the yashica LM! this camera was passed down from my father's father, and i finally got it repaired and cleaned up. i've only run three rolls through it so far (the film & processing costs a pretty penny), but i have already fallen deeply in love with shooting medium format.
it's an art unlike any other! very different than 35mm and digital, definitely.

instant film! a few weeks ago, i painted this box to store all of the instant film prints i have taken so far (a large majority of them from this summer alone)! i'm addicted (and my ebay & bank accounts are not loving this one)

my trusty ray ban eyeglasses. i got a new prescription a few months ago and finally filled it in these frames, and boy, can i finally see the difference. i used to only need glasses for reading and driving, but i'm finding myself reaching for them more often these days, especially in taking photos! can't live without these guys. 

goodies & good deals

if you didn't know this about me already, i'm a nail polish freak. i buy it, i hoard it, but i do use it! i usually change my nail color every 3 or 4 days. essie® brand polish is absolutely amazing! it's longwearing and high quality, not to mention they have a mouthwatering selection of colors. gotta love it.

sheer blouses! they're light enough for september in california, but pretty enough to translate from day to night in a beat. 

$creaming deal$ ! - these wedge booties were on sale for $39.95 at urban and i couldn't say no. they're SO comfy!
i picked up this skirt at anthropologie a month or two ago, and you're not going to believe how much i paid for it. original price: $78. on clearance for $19.99 + an additional 25% off. with taxes i ended up paying $16 and some change, and proceeded to grab my bag and run out of the store before they could realize that i robbed them.

lately, i've been feeling a special appreciation for my pup. she smiles for the camera.

she plays games on the computer

and she's always at the foot of the bed when i need her. man's best friend, fo' real.

I wanted to finish off this post with a few things I'm excited for.

fall clothing, and the patterns and colors like this:

visits to see faraway friends

my best friend lives in San Francisco, these were taken on the days that she left to go back up (the left is from 2010, and the right is from last week).

visits from good people

so, my friends, i hope august has been treating you well, and be joyful that we still have nearly 3 months of late sunsets and days that are longer than the nights. in the meantime, i suggest you turn on some *NSync Pandora radio (seriously it's amazing)

and take care.

love always,

p.s. for the time being, i've suspended posting photos to my flickr account! to view my current work, see my photo blog!