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Sunday, May 8, 2011

the beginning of this past week was ridiculously warm & nice out, so i took the opportunity to make one of my favorite summer thirst-quenchers - sun tea! it's super easy. 

fill a pitcher with cold water, throw in 5 or 6 teabags (i used 3 peach & 3 black currant for a fruity mix), and set it out in the sun for the day. i put it out before work around 11, and left it out until i got home around 8. the heat from the sun will brew the tea for you without using the stove during the summer - saving gas & electric, and keeping your house cool in the summer heat. :)

on friday afternoon, i went to the mall with my girls amanda and leah and we did a little shopping. milano shoes was having a buy one get one 50% off sale, so amanda and i took advantage and we each got a pair and saved some money! i also had a bit of luck at forever21 (like always, hehe) with this cute floral top (check out the detailed back) and polka dot tunic. thanks to my lovely sister grace for modeling my finds for me :)

friday night us girls headed to our friend ava's house for one of her fabulous get-togethers:
ava and me! we always have so much fun. isn't she gorgeous!?

on saturday, amanda and i helped lacey and nikki get ready for their prom, and then helped take photos of them before the dance! the girls looked beautiful:

nikki's dress was hand-made by a family friend and designed by nikki herself! i was so in love with it.

today is mother's day, and we spent the early afternoon by gardening as a family. my house is now full of wonderful fragrant flowers :)
roses from our front yard, wild sweet peas from the flower fields, and the bouquet i gave my mother for mama's day!

i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, i send all the mama's, grandmama's, and mama's-to-be giant thank you's and love ♥

-xo mcr

p.s. if you'd like to see any of the photos larger - just click on them! 

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  1. Your picture of Nikki is AMAZING!!!! From: Nikki's Mom