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Monday, September 12, 2011

life lately

life lately has been full of good friends (from near & far), new friends, travels, photographs, extended errands, and laughter. 

a few weeks ago n'tima and steven drove down to southern california and the two of them + amanda and myself camped out at madeline's for the extended weekend. we had a jolly good time dining at downtown disney, having brunch in laguna beach, vintage shopping, flea-marketing, nail painting, and enjoying each others' company.

i went back to work tuesday & wednesday after labor day, and then departed for bakersfield on wednesday afternoon. i helped marielle shoot a beauty pageant in her area thursday evening, and we spent the time surrounding taking photos and eating.

friday, i packed up my car and marielle and did the 200 mile drive back down south. we stayed at madeline's friday night, and headed out friday morning for a very special day in the desert.

i shot samantha & joshua's engagement portraits with the help from my girls in joshua tree national park, and it was lovely. expect the image set on my photo blog some time next week!

on sunday, i drove (yet another 85 miles) back home, just in time for a photoshoot with a lovely group of girls from kappa kappa gamma. amanda helped me out (which i am eternally grateful for, this woman is my right hand lady, best friend, life partner, etc). 

life has been nonstop lately and i'm loving every moment of it. 


  1. Love you so much, love your pictures so much, love having you in my life so much.

  2. these are all really lovely, i especially love the engagement shots!

  3. Your pictures are great! I am loving your blog and am a follower now!