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Friday, July 22, 2011

up north

last weekend two girlfriends and i drove 8 hours to the sacramento area and stayed with another lovely friend of ours & her hubby for 2 days and 3 nights. we took photos and ate amazing (home cooked) meals and had girl time (while the mr. was at work of course) and it was just an all around relaxing, theraputic, much needed weekend. i just wanted to share a few photos from the trip with you all xx

the following are all medium format, shot on ektar 120 film in a seagull tlr.

Potentially my favorite shot of them all - N'tima is a perfect model! 

the next batch were shot on various brands of 35mm film inside a canon ae-1

breakfast <3

Photo taken by Madeline

(the next one is digital :O)

and finally the rest are instax 210 wides and polaroid 669's!

the collection of our cameras! excluding my digital camera and the instax i took it with

the four ladies, taken graciously by Mr. Preusser

Marielle has a bad habit of blinking...ON THE NUMBER THREE. (<3)

Normally I'd do an in-depth recap of the trip, but Madeline has already done an amazing job of that right over here! Go read it, seriously. XO!

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