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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what i'm loving lately!

hello readers! i've seen other bloggers/vloggers doing "june favorites" posts, and other posts of the like, so i decided i'd share with you what i'm loving lately. i know it's usually limited to clothes and/or make-up, but i want to share a few extra things. enjoy! :)

i'm currently in love with lace! it's such a pretty, girly fabric, and it's being incorporated into so many trends lately. these are my two favorite lace tops, the one on the left is from necessary clothing boutique in soho, and the right was $15 at forever 21! the light weight of the fabric makes it totally wearable for summer, even with sleeves.

pleated midi skirts are coming back! i found this one at a salvation army for under $3 :O they're a classic, flattering piece, and i think every girl should have one in her wardrobe. i've gone a bit skirt crazy, this is one of 5 or 6 that i've picked up this month!

CORAL. no matter what, this hue will always be one of my favorites to wear - whether in clothing or lipstick, it just makes a statement. M.A.C.'s creme lipstick ($14.50) in Vegas Volt (left) moisturizes and texturizes, and wears SO well. This dress, from Necessary Clothing, $22 (right) has a fun geometric print on top, and the a-line skirt hits right above the knee for a perfect summer fit.

ahhh, shoes. i have always been a shoe lover, but lately for some reason i just can't.stop.buying.them.
the floral t-strap wedges mimic the jeffrey campbells of the same style (but about $120 cheaper...). i had been searching for a pair exactly like the Mixx brand white eyelet boots for EVER, when i found this pair (ON SALE) in a little union circle boutique, i was ecstatic.

this pot of maybelline new york eyestudio gel liner was around $8, and is literally the best eyeliner i've ever owned. first of all, it has lasted forever, and it's not even half-gone. it lasts all day without a touchup - or if you're me and you don't wash off your makeup before bed occasionally, from morning until the next night. i HIGHLY recommend you go out and purchase this right now. it should be in stock anywhere maybelline is sold!

my next make-up product rave: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit. long-wearing, the perfect shade, and easily manipulable. nothing better. and the best part? it costs three dollars. most e.l.f. products are really quality, their aim is to provide higher-end products for drugstore prices, and they have eyeshadows and brushes for $1! and it seriously does compare to the higher end brow kits (like anastasia brow, etc). go to and check out their products!

instant film! i stocked up on instax, polaroid, and pack film because unfortunately my canon ae-1, my main film camera & baby, is broken and will probably be out of service for a bit of time. at least until i can rally up $120 for the repairs. 

new toys :) left: minolta super a rangefinder camera, thrifted for $20! i'm running a test roll through it right now, but the shutter seems to be working just fine, so we'll see! on the right is the polaroid automatic 100, an instant pack film camera that i have been wanting for a long time! i got this one off of ebay for about $15, now i'm just waiting for the battery to arrive in the mail!

i heard about The Civil Wars a year or so back, but only recently have i gotten a chance to sit down and listen through an entire album of theirs. i adore their sound, and their album Barton Hollow has been my soundtrack for weeks  

thanks for reading, i hope my favorites could inspire you to go out and get summer-fied! 


p.s. a big thank you to my beautiful and lovely momma for helping with some of the above photos! she's talented, huh?! ;)          

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  1. oh those white shoes!! and the floral ones are very beautiful as well ;)